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Can I register my child for one or a few of the months, or does it have to be for the full program?

The Beasts Academy is designed to develop athletes progressively over the course of 2 semesters  using a proven training program that will enable elite athletes to develop strong fundamentals and achieve peak performance at the end of the program to be best prepared for a successful season. However, an athlete may register for only one sesmester if that is desired.

What happens if my child misses one or several sessions?

Much like attending all classes at school, we recommend attending all sessions, but we understand that this may not be possible. While missing a couple of sessions will not be a problem, missing many sessions may result in your child falling behind. Missed sessions will not be credited or made-up, but you can always book private lessons with Le Sandlot coaches if you feel the need to "catch-up".

There are rumors that Le Sandlot may be moving, what if I don't want to travel further away to attend sessions?

We are remaining at our location for entirety of the Fall semester. Details for the Winter smester will be made available as soon as we are able to confirm where and how the program will continue.

Is the exclusive to AA or AAA players, or can my child who was not a AA or AAA player enroll?

The program is has priority registration for Current Fall Ball Beasts Players, followed by members of last years Academy, followed by AAA players, followed by AA players and finally A players followinf an assessment. The Academy is not recommended for players who are playing B level or who are struggling at the A level , we highly recommend our 5-tool fundamental clinics or after-school clinics for those players.

Does my Application guarantee a spot in the Beasts Academy? Can we not be selected for the Beasts Academy?

In order to maintain our athlete to coach ratio, we are limited in the number of athletes per Age Class. While we will make every effort to accept all eligible athletes into the Beasts Academy, we may be required to turn some athletes away. Groups will be finalized no later than October 1st. 

Will my child automatically make a AA team by being part of the Beasts Academy?

Being a member of the Beasts Academy does not guarantee a spot on any Summer roster. Our goal with the Beasts Academy is to best prepare your child for the tryouts and the season ahead. It is our hope that with the help of this elite training program, your child will earn a spot on a AA or AAA roster.

My child just finished his second year in 9U and a hopeful AA Player for 11U, could we be accepted into the Beasts Academy?

Athletes born in 2014 should register for Le Sandlot's Beasts Prospect program to best prepare for the 11U AA tryout process. 

Should you have any questions that were not answered by our FAQ, please contact us

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