Tunnel Rental (Maximum 3 athletes)

Rent one of the practice tunnels  at our training facility for 50 minutes or 110 minutes. 


In order to limit the amount of people entering and leaving the facility at the same time and to maintain social distancing, each tunnel be available  starting at 20-minute increments.

Participants will be required to sanitize hands upon arrival and head directly to the bench/table assigned to their tunnel.


In order to use the tunnel rental time most effectively, participants are asked to arrive warmed-up, and dressed to begin their rental with their own equipment. We will not be providing any bats, helmets, gloves, water or towels.


After each rental, the balls that were provided will be sanitized for 1 hour, and Tees and L Screens and any touch points will be sanitized by our staff to prepare for the next tunnel use.

Participants will be asked to leave the facility within 5 minutes of the end of their tunnel rental to allow the next tunnel users to enter the facility and begin his/her rental or lesson on time.

Staff members reserve the right to request that participants re-sanitize their hands during the rental.

Hittrax Tunnel

The Hittrax tunnel may be rented at an additional $30/hour fee.


50-Minute Tunnel Rental   - $50

110-Minute Tunnel Rental   - $90

HitTrax Add-on - $30 per hour

Hittrax Tunnel

(Tunnel #1)


6:00 pm

7:00 pm

8:00 pm

9:00 pm


10:00 am

11:00 am

12:00 pm

 1:00 pm

 2:00 pm

 3:00 pm

Center Field (Tunnel #2)


6:20 pm

7:20 pm

8:20 pm

9:20 pm


10:20 am

11:20 am

12:20 pm

 1:20 pm

 2:20 pm


Right Field (Tunnel #3)


6:40 pm

7:40 pm

8:40 pm


10:40 am

11:40 am

12:40 pm

 1:40 pm

 2:40 pm


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